Who We Are


Our multi-school garden collaboration began with three teachers – Julie Wittenborn-Sikorski, Meteicha Green, and Cindy Hepp -who love nurturing their students’ natural interest in environmental science. All three teachers have incorporated native plant gardens into their science curriculum, and decided that a shared project among all three schools would be a fantastic undertaking.  

A successful group effort among students, teachers, and local experts will create a synergistic effect, allowing students’ interest, knowledge, and connections to go well beyond the boundaries of the school garden.

All of the gardens are constructed with environmentally-friendly practices in mind, emphasize native southern Illinois plantings, are designed to attract local wildlife, and are kid-friendly. To learn about each school’s individual gardens and activities, click on the menu button at the top of the page and follow the school links.

Follow us as we and our students record activities, garden news, successes, and failures opportunities to analyze and try a new approach. Stop back by frequently to see projects that involve students from all three schools collaborating as student scientists!

We hope to build a network of native plant gardens among southern Illinois schools…Click here to see how to join us.













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